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We are retired school teachers who after 30 years have become super sleuths at finding family members.......who on this diagram can we find for you?

 When I was seven years old my great-grandmother opened a box and removed a handful of confederate dollar bills. I was mesmerized by the bright orange colors on the front and vivid blues on the back. She told me this is what her father was paid when he was in the Civil War. From that point on I was hooked on history. 

Meeting and marrying my wife started my life in genealogy.

 When I married I discovered my wife’s family also had members that fought in the Civil War but on the Union side. We decided to take on the task of finding our family members,  dragging our three daughters all over the country side searching courthouses, cemeteries, and libraries.

Together our family makes an awesome team..

 Thirty years later we have accumulated thousands of names, photos and countless stories about our family. Now it is our turn to help you find your family and their stories. After teaching 46 years I love an adventure and boy do we like road trips!